Poaching Seals is Illegal

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Seal hunting for sport is illegal, and it needs to be controlled or stopped. Seal pups especially need protection, because these brutal killings at one time almost led to the extinction of harp seals, and that still is a possibility today. Most hunters do not understand the damage they are causing. Poaching is a serious crime in most parts of the world, but mainly in Canada. What most hunters do not understand is that it is illegal regardless of the animal or the reason. Poachers do not take what they are doing seriously or they would not be poaching still today. There are a lot of ripple effects to committing this crime- for example, if the number of deer killed in Indiana every hunting season was not watched or controlled it is very likely they could become endangered in our area. If it continued it would lead into other areas as well. There has to be a limit on all hunting to control the population of all species and that is why this can become such a problem. People can hear about poaching, but society needs to see the truth and the brutality of poaching seal pups. The videos presented on the websites I have seen give information by showing the violent clubbing and beating of harp seal pups. Though hard to watch, it is reality, and there are more humane ways if necessary to kill an animal. The tools that some of these hunters have created on their own are even worse. They look like long sticks with spikes on the end; they call these “hakapiks”. They use these tools to beat in the seal pups skull in until they think they are dead (harpseals.org). The hunters almost treat it as more of a hobby today; they beat these innocent animals, then leave whatever is left of the seals remains on the ground with no purpose but to decay ... ... middle of paper ... ...ting the immediate attention it needs is great and will hopefully be enough to official stop this awful course of events our world. Works Cited Harpseals. Harpseals.org. Harpseals.org. 25 June 2000. Web. 23 Feb. 2014. Fink, Sheryl. IFAW - Home, IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare, 11 Feb. 2014. Web. 3 Mar. 2014. McClung, Robert M. Hunted mammals of the sea. New York: William Morrow& Company, 1978. Print. “Victory for Seals! WTO upholds EU Ban on seal fur”.peta.org People for the ethical treatment of animals. 25 November 2013. Web. 3 March 2014 Vlasak, Jerry. Facts about the Canadian Seal hunt. Catcahelpanimals.org. 2nd January 2008. Web 5th March 2014 “Another blow for sealers." Maclean's 2 Dec. 1996: 23. Web. 29 Jan. 2014 J.C Bouvier. International Fund For Animal Welfare Big Cats and Public. IFAW.org Protection Safety Act. blog Feb. 3rd 2014

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