Plutarch's Life

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Plutarch was a well-known historian, biographer, and essayist. Also, Plutarch was a Greek scholar, and today is considered to be a Middle Protanist. Clyde Curry Smith, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, tells readers “Plutarch was born sometime around 46 A.D. in Chaeronea, Boeotia”(Smith). Plutarch was born “around the Roman imperial administration of Claudius I”(Smith). It is also believed that Plutarch died around the age of 74, “sometime after 120 c.e.”(Smith). Along with being a historian and essayist, Plutarch was also a priest, ambassador, mayor, and magistrate. Plutarch was born to a wealthy prominent family; he later married and is known to have at least two sons. During his time, Plutarch can be reflected as a celebrity due to his writings and lecture. Many of Plutarch’s writings are still existent, many that teach others about history, or other important times in history.
During Plutarch’s life, he wrote many legendary writings, all of which were different from each other in the way they described and pictured history. There are more than 200 works by Plutarch, “approximately 227 works”(Walbank). It is known that “Plutarch’s writings are individually of any great lengths”(Smith). Ancient historians usually did not write many books, but very lengthy one, sometimes with smaller works or essays in them. Frank William Walbank, a scholar of ancient history, tells readers many things about Plutarch and the life he lived. Plutarch was a “biographer and author whose works strongly influenced the evolution of the essay, the biography, and historical writing in Europe”(Walbank). One of his most recognizable and known books is Parallel Lives, which is where “Plutarch’s popularity rests primarily…designed to encourage mutu...

... middle of paper ... and history. It is very clear that Plutarch did not solely write to one person, or one particular group of people, instead he wrote to everyone, especially about the world around him, from the classical times to the modern world.

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