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The Conspiracy Theory is a movie that can wake you up to a very likely and harsh reality. Main character Jerry, author and sole producer of a monthly tabloid about theories on conspiracies soon begins to remember a hidden and forgotten past. The most captivating part of Conspiracy Theory is how the character’s past and present interact to contribute to the plot, and their futures.
The tragic pasts of the 3 main characters help define the plot. Jerry was once a test subject for governmental experiments. Jodas, head of these experiments, tried to learn how to turn an everyday person into a brutal killer. Jerry soon became Jodas’ personal tool of destruction, and Jerry was told to kill a judge who was sure to put Jodas in jail. Jerry was given a chance to kill him, but his human conscience proved to still live on, the judge soon took Jerry under his wing. That judge was later killed by another one of Jodas’ men. With the judge’s final words, he begged Jerry to protect his one and only daughter, Alice. Our three main characters are now destine for a major confrontation years later.
The main plot is laid out by the events of the present. Several years later, Jerry drives his cab as he’s done every day since the shooting, until he zones out and has a flashback of his past. One soon finds out that Jerry is very paranoid about the government and he questions everything about it. Jodas catches up to Jerry and tries to imprison him. Alice then finds that Jodas is one of Jerry’s newsletter subscribers and has a meeting with him. Jodas then convinces Alice that Jerry killed her father; now Jerry is about to be set up.
The plot is concluded with a promise to the character’s futures. Jerry then asks Alice to meet him, and they return to the place where her father died. Jerry then confesses to Alice that he did not kill her father. After much deliberation, Alice believes Jerry; and just on time for Jodas’ return. Jodas captures Jerry and Alice barely gets away with the mere stroke of luck. Jerry is then imprisoned and injected with fluid that will convince his mind that he did everything.
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