Plessy Vs Ferguson Case Study

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Plessy vs Ferguson is an excellent example of how one of the Human Rights was violated and denied. Plessy vs Ferguson case ruled “requiring racial segregation in public facilities under the doctrine of separate but equal” ( This case would violate article 7 of the universal declaration of human rights which stated “all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.” In our senses, we feel that how can such a simple and concise article rule such a drastic alter ruling. However this rule was in place for sixty years before it was overturned by the Brown vs Board of Education case. There were many reasons why the court ruled in favor of requiring racial segregation for the Plessy vs Ferguson case. One of the reasons why the case went to court was because in Louisiana there were a law the required separate railway carriages for whites and colored races. All this stared on June 7, 1892 when Homer Plessy, sat in a vacant seat of a white only car. This resulted in him being arrested and later he argued that segregation violated the Fourteenth Amendment. The Fourteenth Amendment forbids “denying any person within their jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” After this initial court ruling it was ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment was created for “absolute equality of the two races before the law” ( My feelings towards this case are how can equality exist between two people, if everywhere and everything they do is racially segregated? Since the court ruled and allowed “racial segregation in public facilities” how can two individuals ever be given the opportunity of equality? I am not one to say, because I did not live in that time period, but all I know ... ... middle of paper ... ... not think so, because of issues like racial segregation. However now, in modern America, I do feel that the view and opinions America’s founding fathers had to view up this great land is true. People of any color and any race can literally do anything they want as long as it is not illegal or obstructing anyone else’s persona. In the future I can presume that the world would be more knowledgeable towards social and racial pretenses; therefore there is nothing to worry about from today onwards. We will continue to live in a place that what it claims to be and if any obstructions that come in the way with that will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. I cannot assume what type of manner that would be; all I can say is that the world we live in is more based on living a content life and being happy. They would know how to deal with any racial or social wrongdoing.
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