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In today’s society there is a great debate over homework and how it can affect student’s lives outside of school. Homework is defined as any tasks assigned to students by a teacher that is meant to be carried out during non-school hours to help them practice and prepare for their future. Since homework has been around for a long time it’s viewed as a tradition in most classrooms and homes and some parents even demand more of it. This controversy has been going on for many years; however homework is an useful tool that all teachers and parents can use because it build initiative in students, helps them improve on concepts, and helps student make meaningful connections with their own interest.
Homework builds up an initiative in students. During school students complete schoolwork that is teacher directed whereas students initiate doing homework on their own. Students feel a sense of responsibility when completing their homework on time thus giving them a chance to feel accomplished once they are done. They start allotting their time to study and play thus learning to complete their scheduled tasks in a timely manner. While they are creating an initiative they are also learning self-discipline and work independently. According to the article Benefits of Homework (2014), “As it is done in the creative atmosphere of one’s home, it also helps students enhance their academic skills, which, in turn, increases their self-esteem. What the parents should avoid is spoon-feeding the child and let the homework serve its purpose of making your kid disciplined.”
With all that said some students and parents feel like homework takes time away from valuable family time. According to Marzano and Pickering (2007), states that too much homework can h...

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...em get better at studies and also paves way for more informed career choices at a later stage.
On the contrary, students view homework as a punishment for the lack of performance in class. According to Coutts (2004), “In such circumstances the students are required to complete the work without both the academic and social support found in the classroom. For some students this can be a challenge because they might not have the support from family members, so they feel helpless and confused.
Although some people are against homework, I believe that homework is a valuable tool for education because it helps students take initiative, helps students grasp concepts, and helps them build on their own interest. Quoted from Marzano and Pickering (2007),”If a district or school discards homework altogether, it will be throwing away a powerful instructional tool” (page 79).
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