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Background of the Study I chose the topic for I, myself, am a gamer. I am very fond of playing video games. Whenever I play video games, my parents always discuss the bad things I can get from it. They always say I should stop playing, that there’s nothing good I can get from playing these games. Playing video games is not at all bad. It may be good actually. I chose this topic so that I could research more and dig deeper on what the effects of playing video games really are, I’d like to show others the other side of the effects of playing video games. Significance of the Study A lot of people play video games. Kids in a restaurant play with their tablets while waiting for food. People in the internet café play different kinds of video games with their friends. Gamers can be seen everywhere. Playing video games is usually related to bad things, but is it really that bad? This study is important because through it, people will know the real effects of playing video games. They will know what good benefits they can get from playing video games and how they can get it. They will also know how to avoid those negative consequences of playing video games. Those who are not gamers may also benefit from this study. These include parents who are often skeptic when it comes to the advantages of playing video games. They’ll also what video games may bring to their children, how to gain the positive ones and how to avoid the negative ones. Playing video games is generally considered a bad thing. This is because not all video games are good. Thesis Statement of the Research Proposal Objectives This study aims to let people understand the effects of playing video games. Be they gamers, parents, or non-gamers, they would all be able ... ... middle of paper ... .... D5 Psychological Association). Forbes. Retrieved from Rigy S. & Ryan, R. M. (2011) Glued to games: how video games draw us in and hold us spellbound. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO. Shapiro, J. (2013) 4 Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health (According To American Valkenburg, P. M. (2006). Encyclopedia of Communication and Information. Gale, Cengage Learning. Video Game. Oxford Dictionaries. Retrieved from Folly, J.A. (2013) Video Games, Even Violent Ones, Aren't All Bad for You. Retrieved from

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