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From horsepower carriages to magnet levitation trains, technological advances have aided the superior development of countries at a breakneck speed. This unstoppable process leads to a continuous strand of new innovations in modern USA that could lead to life altering changes. However, with advanced medical technology now becoming more conveniently available to the masses, people are further exposed to the idea creating a more idealistic and flawless society. Ideas such as genetically modifying children to acquire traits that contribute more toward a more socially acceptable and superior human being is the result of the advancement of technology. Despite parental liberty to genetically modify their children in order to help prevent disease and improve living conditions, the process of creating designer babies through free will violates and artificially creates the nature of humans that ushers people toward a technological dependent world.

Families are granted the opportunity to create a designer baby that will live normally without the risk of inherited diseases or disabilities. As a result of the free market, sophisticated medical technology and medical personnel are employed in increasingly fashionable cosmetic surgery; and at the same time, due to aggressive marketing by its makers, genetically engineered human growth hormone, developed to remedy the medical condition of growth hormone deficiency, is routinely prescribed in the USA to normal short children with no hormone deficiency. If these pressures already exist, how much stronger will they be for a technology with as great a power to manipulate human life as GLE? And of course, once the technology was described in the scientific literature, it would be possible for, for...

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...r drastically with the new-found breakthroughs in genetic engineering; the capabilities of changing human characteristics will become irrefutably unpredictable. Thus with the rapidly advancement in technology, it is the people’s will to acknowledge how far and to what extent humanity should invest in and to know exactly when to stop to prevent future discontinuities of the nature of human kind.

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