Playfulness And Imagination

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Playfulness can inspire imagination. Imagination can enhance playfulness. Playfulness increases one’s ability to cope and builds resiliency. Time spent with children is easy and interesting way to find out the meaning of playfulness. While playing with children we cannot teach them about life and people should learn more from them (children) by watching them how they approach and, actually, look at life. I am saying this because, from my point of view, I think that children observe everything with interest, enjoyment and happiness, and individuals should learn to approach life in this more playful manner. Not surprisingly, the ability to fantasize commonly is associated with children. Why do we think this so? The reason lies in its ability…show more content…
Next, looking at the copying style which is "affect", we can see that children deal with feelings or emotions. Children who use his/her affect as a coping mechanism is the ability to express through emotion. Child will need to share anxieties, fears and anger, and have those emotions validated by the adults through his/her life. Following, the "social" copying style; we can see that children cope with adversity through the social channel seeks support and control through the structure of his or her relationships. The copying style "Imagination" explains how children frequently turn to their creativity as a means of coping with trauma. Nevertheless, the copying style called "cognitive" explains how children develop a problem solving skill. Children will be open for addressing problems, anxieties and fears. The last copying style is called "physiological" and it explains how physical activity provides coping fulfillment for many children (Zenere, 2004). If we take into consideration early copying styles, there are two different copying styles: negative and…show more content…
In relation to Lazarus and Folkman, there are "Voluntary vs Involuntary Response", "Temperament, Reactivity and Self-Regulation", "Developmental Impact and Subtypes of Copying" (Copying with Stress). While I was doing research on the Internet, I also found a shorter explanation of copying styles. According to Lahad, Shacham, & Niv the six copying styles are described as: copying style believe is described as "it relies on values to cope". Second copying style affect is defined as "emotion expression as copying mechanism". Next, social copying style is termed as "seeking support/relationships". Nevertheless, imagination is characterized as "creative expression to cope". Cognitive style is described as "need honest dialogue and guidance". The last one, the physiological style is defined as "physical activity as coping" (Lahad, Shacham, & Niv, 2000). In relation to Wright & Masten, 2005, resilience is defined as a pattern of positive adaptation in the context of past or present adversity (Wright & Masten,
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