Play It Slow

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Three years ago, I found a video of a performance of a song, Jounetsu Tairiku, by Taro Hakase use violin as the main instrument for the song and he was leading a large band. Their terrific performance, Hakase’s smooth sound of violin motivates me. In the video, the music was unrestrained and enthusiastic to me. I love it. This was how I start violin. I beg my parents to enroll me in violin lessons. At the first violin lesson, I fully armed ,my shoulder rest, a well conditional bow and a shiny violin. I took a deep breath, pick up the bow and gracefully play a song. The sound was cacophunous and I felt disappointed because of my out of sync hand and brain, they cannot work together. After a few tries, the sound become more euphonic, I wonder why the violin is that difficult to play. An instrument with only four thin strings and a small wooden body produced amazing, yet powerful sounds. When this was the teachers’s turn, she played the practice song effortlessly, I was impressed, and this was the sound that I long for. A few lessons later, I can complete some simple songs. After I ...
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