Play-Doh Girl

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Ana is a very good little girl; she is only ten years old and believes that if she does what her parents, siblings, friends, and strangers tell her they will kind in like manner. This modus operandi is not quite as well appreciated since no teacher believes a student doesn't finish her class work and shakes another's soil composition jar because her best friend convinced her to do so. Her life at home is heavily confined; she can only play with friends if they come to the house, she cannot cross the street, go next door, stay for after school activities, or anything along those lines. Among all the regulations that her parents instill there is one that reigns as king; there is no such thing as going to her friends' houses. Sometimes she wonders if all these orders are enough reason to run away even if her parents are still good to her. As it turns out, she doesn't have it in her to do such a thing. It is May of 2006 and our woeful protagonist is seventeen and about to graduate high school. The last four years have been very difficult to her due to a heavily lopsided power struggle against her parents since she is about as formidable a foe as a baby mouse. After many arguments she was able to do 'important team projects' at her friends' houses, she also required two weeks of notice to go to the mall, and has stopped trying to go to birthday parties having gone to one with her mom and after about three hours of close observance and awkwardness she finally threw her arms up in defeat and went home. However, this was only the half of her problems, she had just spent the last four years in what could only be described as an identity crisis since she had gone down every possible route in a sorry attempt to impress her parents and ... ... middle of paper ... ...tiful baby boy that has a sunshine character yet a hell-bent attitude. She has realized she harbored a secret envy for her husband for having smoked weed, cheated on a girlfriend, crashed a car and lived entirely selfish before he met her; a life she had never had the opportunity to take. Her task at hand is to formulate words on this to say to her husband without recreating the rift that just recently, went shakily back into place after a very long talk. Above all this, however, she wants to undo the way she acts like a docile house pet and regain her sense of self for she knows that no one, including herself, has much respect to offer a woman who is as malleable as a little girl made of colorful child’s clay. So now she has to get her chin back up, and start from scratch because she isn’t even halfway through life and does not want this to be a lifelong struggle.
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