Play.Com: Build Up Customer Trust And Security

1128 Words5 Pages is one of the most famous and successful e-commerce businesses on the web today.’s success has come from offering books, music CD’s, movies, videos and DVDs and much more at discounted prices. It is one of the Top 5 most visited UK retail sites December 2004. is famous in UK. Almost everyone who uses the internet in UK has heard of The company puts a lot of effort into building up customer trust and security.

In this paper I am going to talk about the marketing concept to analyze all the main points’ of’s development and promotion of customer trust and security uses the relationship marketing strategy in order to build a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the consumer. To gain trust from customers, try to provide a most secure, free, credible online shopping environment through all kind of professional and considerable service.

Once the customer enters the security page, they can see a yellow padlock appears at the bottom of the window and the web address changes from http to https, uses SSL 40 bit(3) and (1), which enables a private link between the customer and the merchant which is encrypted (so other people can not read it). only reveals the last five digits of the customers’ credit card no. when confirming an order. In theory, based on a high amount of cyber crime, safe security is the most important factor in online shopping because no customer wants to divulge their personal information though the online shopping procedure. If this information is made available then the customer will lose their trust in the company for Play to regain their trust will be a very difficult task. servers always expertly and actively maintain Firewalls which often give a false sense of safety; the servers monitored by themselves, and the latest security patches applied regularly. It is often true that the larger the hosting company, the less frequently it patches its machines with the latest security updates. You can choose the delivery option and the delivery time is guaranteed within 3-5 business days for the free delivery or first class delivery. The on time delivery and the fulfillment service is one of the main points to build customer trust because all the customer wants to get is their item as soon as possible after they pay and of course if the customer can receive the item as they expected in order they will trust the company more.

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