Play By Play Essay

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Play is the way children learn and understand their world. Play-based learning is the best way to teach children. It is also the most developmentally appropriate way to educate children. There are some negative effects of play-based learning, however long-term results suggest that learning by play when young, has greater benefits. There are different types of learning and different methods to teach children in play. The way an educator develops his/her curriculum based on play effects the way he/she teaches. There are many ways to incorporate play in each of the subjects that children should know. Play is incredibly important in the development of a child.
Wilson quotes Piaget in stating, “Play is the work of childhood, and how young people learn and develop schema about the world” (p.144). Especially for younger children, play is
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This ensures that the curriculum is developmentally appropriate. When children are able to select what they learn, they tend to be more engaged and have an easier time understanding the information. There are two different ways to build play-based curriculum. (Saracho, Spodek, 1995) There is curriculum-generated play and play-generated curriculum. To build a curriculum-generated play, the educator has to prepare and structure an area that includes different subjects in which the children can engage in the content provided. According to Saracho, "The children's play experiences assist them in learning academic concepts and skills. The play centers are academically enriched..." Play-generated curriculum is built by allowing the children’s play to determine what they learn. Saracho also states, "The children's play experiences indicate their interests, which guides the development of the curriculum activities.” Once the educator decides how he/she wants to build their curriculum, he/she can incorporate play into the different
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