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Is Society Pushing it too Far?
Jane Martin’s ten-minute play “Beauty” is about two women named Carla and Bethany who are great friends. Bethany was on the beach and found a lamp with a genie in it that allowed her to make three wishes. She wished for $25,000 to get a new car, to heal her uncle that was in intensive care after a car accident, and to be beautiful (541-542). In the play, Bethany and Carla discuss being beautiful; Bethany says she wants to be beautiful like Carla, and Carla says it is not that great because guys are always coming onto her and that she would rather be more like Bethany (542). After Bethany makes the wish both girls fall onto the floor from the explosion and when they got back up they had exchanged places (543). One of the important points made in the play “Beauty” is that every woman secretly desires to be beautiful. The problem with the desire to be beautiful is to what extreme will people go to achieve society’s idea of beauty?
With this in mind, today’s society has a high impact on body image, a higher impact than most people notice. “Female dissatisfaction with appearance - poor body image - begins at a very early age. Human infants begin to recognize themselves in mirrors at about two years old. Female humans begin to dislike what they see only a few years later” (Mirror, mirror). At such a young age in life females begin to feel unhappy with they way they look and it only gets worse as they get older. “In one American survey 81% of ten year old girls had already dieted at least once” (Mirror, mirror). Ten year old girls should not feel like they have to worry about appearance at such a young stage in their life and definitely shouldn’t be worrying about dieting. “Having a concern about ...

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... secretly. This play definitely coincides with today’s society because people are consistently unhappy with the way they look and most wish they looked like someone else. The media, magazines, and television have influenced society’s idea of beauty to the point where some people develop eating disorders. The impact society has on people’s concern for appearance has become an unhealthy obsession. Given these points, people need to be aware of the negative way society has impacted appearance and need to learn how to love themselves just the way they are rather than fall into society’s negative trap.

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