Plato's Vision of the Ideal State

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Plato's Vision Of The Ideal State As Presented In The Republic The concept of questioning meaning of life, the universe and everything has become debauched in modern society. But there is an exigency for and a value in the procedure of reasoning through aspects of our experience beginning with moral principles to existence. It can, for ordinary peoples as much as for professional philosophers, enlivening, vivid, and developmental. Plato is one of the most influential thinkers in human history. His philosophies have made a far-reaching impact on the human societies and have laid the foundation of many avenues of knowledge. While discussing several important virtues of an ideal society, Plato have very seriously considered the concept of democracy. Everybody has contrasted beliefs and their answers to these worldview questions are distinct. Plato considers as true that wisdom is achievable by human beings, even though there is some doubt whether or not Plato himself ever purported to have it. Plato, like his master Socrates, was essentially a seeker, a rationalistic thinker, rather than a system-builder who hypothesized that he had all the answers. It should be noted that Plato’s argument for the intrinsic weakness of democracy or the lack of an ideal state in The Republic should be elucidated as to what is meant by democracy in this context. By democracy in a state Plato is not referring to modern democracy, which he would have perceived as alien. Nor is he referring to the democracy of Athens in this argument. In this argument, Plato characterizes democracy as being the highest of popular liberty, where slaves both male and female have the same liberty as their owners and where there is comprehensive impartiality and liberty in t...

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...ion to the correct text itself there is also a rich and valuable essay as well as indexes and a glossary of terms, which will better enable the reader to approach the heart of Plato’s intention. The first translation of Plato’s Republic that attempts to be strictly literal, this volume has been long regarded as the closest and best English translation available. This second edition includes a new introduction by Allan Bloom and a valuable new essay, as well as indexes and a glossary of terms to better enable the reader to approach the heart of Plato's intention. Plato is one of the most accomplished intellectual human race has ever known. In him are combined the hypothetical and methodical consciousness and the sense of aesthetic beauty, the effect of which have been felt in all the periods of times. Works Cited Plato's Republic,
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