Plato's Dialogue

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Plato's Dialogue Dialogue: to exchange and discuss ideas in a frank and open manner to reach a mutually agreed understanding. Dialogue on difficult issues is important to man. People can learn from others by exchanging ideas and expressing how a philosophy or a stand on an issue affects them. Comprehending the needs, feelings, problems and views of others can help create a better future for all. Can we in a society that proclaims the right to free speech participate in a free and open dialogue? Do we take the time to discuss important issues? Have we as a nation avoided talking about difficult issues? Plato's Symposium illustrates the need for open and frank dialogue. Engaging in dialogue that allows each individual to express his innermost feeling without prejudice is essential to reach a consensus of thought. Today we have many opportunities to participate in dialogues using a variety of mediums. There are many organizations dedicated to serious dialogues on health, political, environmental and other serious issues that effect our world. The Internet along with other tec...
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