Plato’s Crito: The Last Days of Socrates

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As Socrates awaits his upcoming execution; he is visited before dawn by a close old friend Crito. Crito has made arrangements to help Socrates escape from prison. Socrates is grateful to his old friend for his willing to help aide him in the escape. However, Socrates is quite willing to await his execution. Crito tries to change Socrates mind about escaping by presenting him with several arguments. The first is that if Socrates choices to stay, his death will reflect poorly on Crito. The people will think that Crito did nothing to save his friend. If Socrates is worried about the risk or the financial cost to Crito; it’s an expense that he is willing to pay, and that he made arrangements for Socrates to live a life of exile in a pleasant manner. The next argument that Crito pleads to Socrates is that, if he stays, he would be helping his enemies in their injustices, and in turn would make Socrates act in an unjustly manner himself. Also, that Socrates would be abandoning his sons and leave them without a father.
Crito explains that he has come early in the morning due to the fear that Socrates’ death is close. The Delos will be arriving at Athens soon. Crito predicts that the boat will arrive in sometime during the day meaning that Socrates will be executed that following day. Socrates replies that he will not be executed tomorrow but on the third day. “To the pleasant land of Phthia on the third day thou shalt come.”(44b).
Crito is worried that his dear friend is accepting that he will be executed, so he explains that he has made arrangements for Socrates to escape though some bribes. Crito thinks that no one would believe that Socrates had been willing to face his execution but, instead that Crito would be accused of not aid...

... middle of paper ... of his life. Then when Socrates pass away, he will be harshly judged in the afterlife for behaving in an unjust manner towards his state’s laws. Thus, this is why he will not try to escape and based on his reasoning Crito has been convinced that it would be better for Socrates not attempt an escape.

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