Plato's Cave: How Do We Make Decisions?

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While you are walking in a park and you come into a fork in the path, how do you know which one to take? How do make the decision of which one to take? Do you make the decision based on the mistakes you made or that you just want to see where it goes? Many of us wants to make the decision so quick that no time is wasted, but others want to look back and see what they have learned and make a decision based on related events. George Shaw once said that “ a life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” In that quote he meant that it is better to make a mistake other than trying to be perfect all of the time. Through all of the valleys in life you are going to make mistakes but that is not the important part of the aspect. The most important part is how they rise from within themselves to conquer the mistake they had made.
In the reading of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, it can relate to anybody if they have the chance to understand the reading. The story took place in a cave and there were four people that were tied up like prisoners to a railing. They had to look at the wall at the far end of the cave so they can be told what is true and what is real. People that were over the cave decided to let one of the prisoners see what is really true. Also they let him outside to see what is in the outside world that he has never been told. While he was outside he saw the real information and came to the conclusion that he was going to go back and tell the rest of the prisoners of what he saw. The one saw the chance to be the leader so he took the chance. There is almost one chance in your life that you have the decision of what you are going to do in a very important situation. Situa...

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...u did?
From the outside looking in you might say that it is hard but it is relatively simple to do. People cannot tell that till they try it and actually see it personally. Growing up for everybody is different. It is supposed to be that why so that everybody has gone by the same road. Growing up is inherently painful because life is not a simple job to do. There is supposed to be tough times in life and times that are really bad just so that you know where you came from and to see what you are today. If that did not happen what would everybody be doing because we will be like kids for the rest of our lives, but that will never happen. Also it is painful to show us that we have to work to have what we have so we can appreciate the things that we work for. Do you appreciate the decision that you made in the path you decided to take in life to be what you are today?

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