Plato's Art Of Art Essay

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Though Plato and Aristotle both share identical opinions in which that art is a form of imitation, both have different views towards whether art should be viewed from an educational standpoint in which it gives impartial truth of knowledge, or that it is a form of pleasure that allows for the learning through imitation. Towards Plato 's view of art, Plato believes that art is no more than a representation,a reflection in a mirror of what is reality. Furthermore, Plato disagrees with poetry for the fact that it teaches immoral lessons and for its falsehood. The pleasure that poetry brings cannot overcome the fact of truth from philosophy. Mentioning what is the ultimate reality, Plato breaks it down to three parts of Ideal, Reality, and…show more content…
This act of deceiving then brings out corruption as the imitation are brought from the worst parts of the original form. Which is to say, we are deceived into sympathizing with the worst form of souls in which they indulge in lust, sadness, and immaturity. We transfer these emotions into our lives without recognition that slowly our personal lives are no longer much different from those that we read about. To conclude Plato 's views on poetry is which that it brings unethical promotion of false passions, it is far from being realistic for it fails to share educational value, and last it is far from philosophical as it does not speak towards true knowledge but rather just an imitation of an imitation. Going into Aristotle 's view towards Plato 's view, Aristotle agrees with Plato regarding the fact that poets and create arts are imitation. Being that, they imitate of things as they are, as they are told, and how
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