Plato And Aristotle Compare And Contrast Essay

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Keleah Johnson
Dr. Greto
PY 317
October 10, 2014

Compare and Contrast
Many philosophers are well known for their stances or beliefs. One of the most well-known philosophers are Plato and Aristotle. Plato once being a pupil himself of Socrates found himself being a teacher to Aristotle. This is why both Plato and Aristotle cover most of the same issue topics and have direct contrasts on topics as well as similarities. Most of Plato and Aristotle comparisons can be found in their forms of “Problems of the universals” and Realism verse Idealism.
Plato adopted many ideas from his mentor Socrates but also collected some ideals from the influential people of his time such as Homer and Heraclitus. Like Socrates, Plato dealt with matters of morals

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