Plato: A student of Socrates

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A student of Socrates, a major western civilization influence, and an amazing philosopher, Plato was his name and he was one of the most influential persons in history. Plato was born in Greece in 427 BC and grew up in a wealthy and noble family. He became a philosopher when his teacher, and another great philosopher of Greece, Socrates, was tried and executed in 399 BC. Plato wrote a lot about Socrates in his works of ancient Greece. Plato helped form classical education, and we would not have a good basis for education in America and western civilization. The first school of philosophy in Greece was the school that Plato established, in 387 BC, called the Academy. As a philosopher Plato had many theories. Some of which are still used in philosophy schools today. Plato traveled to Italy, Sicily, and Egypt spreading his philosophy over many different places. Plato’s school taught many of the ancient Greek thinkers, like Aristotle, who went on to teach Alexander the Great, who spread Plato’s and Aristotle’s teachings around the globe. Plato contributed to the thought process that is used in modern science today. Even though he was a mathematician he did not use math to figure things out in science, he used his knowledge of logic and he liked to reason with things and theories.
“Amazingly, all of Plato’s known written works still exist. More than twenty-five Platonic texts have been passed down through the centuries,” (Gow,10). During his life time, Plato traveled all over the ancient world learning and sometimes teaching his ideas to others in many different foreign places. Plato came from a rich and political family that was well known. His father died when he was young and he was destined for a good political c...

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...nvolved in a friendly debate or on the way to making a new theory or option to do something. He was dedicated to logic and learning just as his teacher, mentor, and close friend Socrates was. When plato hw left his belongings to his friends and family. Plato was a profound and amazing philosopher who contributed many different things to the modern world.

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