Plastic Surgery: An Introduction To Cosmetic Surgery

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This project is done by Zuriel Thomas and to be handed to Gemma Cummins due for 04/04/14. Cosmetic Surgery is a type of surgery that is to change a person’s appearance. This topic interested me to research more on to cosmetic surgery.

Fact about Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery has been used for nearly over 2700 years; it was around 600 B.C it originated. Plastic Surgery techniques were used by India around 800 B.C then this continued throughout the centuries.

Another fact, plastic surgery in 1400 to 1700 was popular in barber shops as this was places to be treated during that time.

During World War II it was practiced for limbs or skin injuries and etc… Following on during the 1960s it was for silicone breast implant as this was popular but there are side effects this involved breast amputation this could by infections at the age of 40.

WWII brought new types of plastic surgery which included reconstructing limbs, skin grafts, microsurgery, antibodies, and good knowledge about tissue health.

Cosmetic procedures is becoming common in the UK in the developing years, cosmetic surgery has become widespread.

Last year it was recorded more than 50,000 cosmetic methods took place in UK, this shows people are willing to change their looks not matter what the cost.

South Korea is the leading country for plastic surgery than any other countries as new figures shown in the Mail Online:

90% of women are mainly plastic surgery patients this can approximated around 10 million women have plastic surgery each year.
Nearly $10 billion is used in US for cosmetic surgery every year
More 40 to 54 year olds have cosmetic surgery around 5.3 million in that age group have this...

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...d self esteem about themselves. However, these treatments that are surgical and non-surgical procedures can be misused especially by celebrities. Celebrities misuse these treatments to improve their look and are willing to pay so much money to get their desired look. Although they already look beautiful, they want to change for the slightest reasons. This can lead to complications giving problems to their body or perhaps unsatisfying results as the surgery didn’t go according to plan. In general, cosmetic surgery costs a lot of money but the society are still influenced to get cosmetic surgery even though it’s expensive. Previously mentioned cosmetic surgery is rare in the NHS, it is mostly private health care that are doing cosmetic surgery. This is why cosmetic surgery is expensive and through this the doctors make a huge amount of money through their clients.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the project is done by zuriel thomas and to be handed to gemma cummins due for 04/04/14. cosmetic surgery is a type of surgery that is to change one’s appearance.
  • Explains that 5.3 million 40-54-year-olds in that age group have cosmetic surgery.
  • Explains that cosmetic surgery includes a wide range of techniques. there are two types of cosmetic methods, surgical and non-surgical.
  • Explains that there are different types of surgical procedures that are done on a patient.
  • Explains the breast augmentation procedure, which involves a scalpel-based surgical cut and the fitting of implants.
  • Describes the procedure of liposuction, whereby the surgeon injects a solution into the operating area to decrease the risks of bruising or bleeding.
  • Explains that non-surgical procedures can change a person's looks by using injections and lasers without any operations.
  • Explains that botulinum toxin injections (botox) help to paralyze the facial muscles making the lines and wrinkles less obvious.
  • Explains laser and light treatments, which involve removal of hair by laser or light treatment. laser hair removal uses heat from the laser to damage hair growth under the skin.
  • Concludes that cosmetic surgery can improve appearances such as breast implantations and liposuction. however, these procedures can be misused especially by celebrities.
  • Explains that plastic surgery has been used for nearly 2700 years. it originated in india around 800 b.c and continued throughout the centuries.
  • Explains that cosmetic surgery has a major impact on the society, causing some people to change their looks for unnecessary reasons. cosmetic surgery is mainly done in private health rather than the nhs.
  • Opines that cosmetic surgery has a psychological benefit on women. it can make them have confidence and psychological benefits about themselves, but it doesn't solve the problem physically.
  • Explains that cosmetic surgery reduces aging process and improves confidence and self-esteem by changing the body or face by surgery.
  • Explains the risks of cosmetic surgery, including skin infections, heart attacks, brain damage, and unsatisfactory results. cosmetic surgery is expensive, takes time to heal, depending on a person's age, skin type and doctor’s advice.
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