Plastic Surgery

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Have you ever considered having plastic surgery? After reading this paper you might want the surgery or you might not. Plastic surgery, a form of art, can reconstruct your body and renew your confidence but can you accept the risks involved? Plastic surgery ranges from one- thousand dollars to three- thousand dollars or more depending on the surgery (Body fat reduction: Suction-Assisted Lipectomy). There are plenty types of plastic surgery. One type is called liposuction. The best candidates for liposuction are of relatively normal weight with pockets of excess fat in particular areas. They should be physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in your expectations. An important thing is to have firm and elastic skin. “Loose, drooping skin won’t reshape to your body’s new contours, and may require an additional procedure to surgically remove the excess skin. It will leave visible scars'; (Liposuction). Before you decide to go through liposuction try diets and weight loss programs. If you can’t loose a certain buldge then liposuction is a good alternative (Thigh Liposculpture). Liposuction is started by making a small incision, (about half an inch or less), in the skin, often in or near the buttock crease or a previous scar. The small suction rod, called a cannula, is inserted and connected to a vacuum source with a suction tube. The vacuum sucks the fat out and leaves everything else intact (Thigh Liposculpture). Usually the surgery takes about an hour or two, but the time required may vary considerably from thirty minutes to several hours, depending on the amount of work your having done. “If your procedure is not too extensive – that is, if no more than one and a half pints of fat and fluid will be removed – liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia, which numbs the area, combined with a sedative to make you drowsy'; (Liposuction). A benefit of having liposuction done is that fat is removed and gone forever. It can offer a new shape for people who thought it was impossible. “Liposuction will not, however, prevent you from gaining weight in the future, and will not keep you fit and in shape. In order to assume good skin contour, you must be conscientious about wearing the support garments recommended be your doctor'; (Thigh Liposculpture). Does the fat come back? “Fat cells are not though to regenerate, and ... ... middle of paper ... ...ressed because she saw other women with breast and cleavage she used to have. So she decided to go through reconstruction. The danger of silicon gel was circulating widely so she went to a doctor that reconstructs breast from a women’s own body fat (Nemeth, Mary). Reconstruction by using the woman’s own body fat is dangerous. First, the surgeon opens your abdomen and cuts through your muscles. They have to redirect your arteries and take the fat out. Then, the surgeon reconstructs their breast with the fat. As Carolyn Haltrecht said, “It took me the whole summer to admit to myself that I’m not very happy with the way I look and there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery'; (Nemeth, Mary). According to Marcia Angell, “Polls indicated that the great majority of women with breast implants were pleased with the results'; (Angell, Marcia). In conclusion, There are many risks involved in plastic surgery. Although you look like you have always wanted to after plastic surgery, is it worth all the possible effects that could take place? Think hard before you make changes on your body. “In short, you cannot meet the future if you look like the past'; (Neimark, Jill).

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