Plastic : Harmful Or Harmful?

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Have you ever wondered where plastic waste ends up? Have you ever thought about the consequences of plastic waste? What are the purposes of plastic? Although plastic is good for convenient uses, long term uses, and economic purposes, the damages plastic can cause are by far way more harmful than imaginable. Plastic is wasted just as much, if not more, than used, plastic is an imminent threat to the water life ecosystem, and plastic is also not biodegradable. Most people, like myself, have never really thought about where plastic ends up or how harmful products made from plastic can be if not disposed properly. Almost everything used in today’s society is made of or contains some sort of plastic. Limiting distributed plastic would not only benefit ourselves, but it will also provide a healthy environment for water life ecosystems. As mentioned, plastic is convenient to use. Plastic is not only convenient to use, but it is used in everyday products. Nobody wants to carry eco-friendly products such as reusable bags with them everywhere they go. Today’s society is all about making life easier, whatever gets the job done faster. Since plastic is used in almost all of the products on the market, limiting that would be difficult. There would have to be some sort of solution to replace the contents made of plastic. Plastic is used in the smallest of items, such as: ends of shoe laces, buttons, food containers, flash drives, and even paper clips. Most people do not think to carry eco-friendly or reusable products to replace something that is going to just eventually be disposed of by someone else. The purposes plastic serves is just phenomenal. Not only is plastic used for convenience, it is also used for long term needs. Plastic is used i... ... middle of paper ... ...rposes, plastic is a very harmful product that should be limited. Plastic should be limited based off of the fact it’s not biodegradable, plastic is tremendously wasted, and plastic is an imminent threat to our water life. Although convenience is the norm, having something durable and long lasting is great, the economic purposes are outstandingly amazing, the threat of plastic still remains. Keeping waste down in landfills, and helping the earth stay less polluted as possible is also important. If plastic, such as bags, are being used and then tossed, then why not cut back on the distribution of plastic? Why pollute more? Why add to such a growing problem? If using something that is wasted tremendously, an imminent threat to water life ecosystems, and is non-biodegradable, harms our environment and ourselves then why not cut back? Why not put a limit on distribution?

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