Planning for Retirement

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“You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it” -Tennessee William As we age into wisdom, money becomes more essential to our daily lives. Discouragingly, we who are opportune to have jobs, misuse our finances on desires, like cell phones, computers, iPods, and other miscellaneous commodities. Rather than what is profoundly essential to ones futures, as we age, we steadily realize this, but in several cases it may be too late when we finally pick up on this information. When retirement is convenient, we are looking forward to a unwinding life. It becomes apparent we cannot, owed to financial demand. Consequently, all of our prospects lead to health coverage and monthly bills. Clearly one cannot exist in the absence of these essentials as we slip away with age. Many of our elders turn to our government not only for support, but for financial support, health care, and essentially, a way of life. Is this honestly adequate to pay the bills and perhaps to live pill by pill? Life demands that we have money saved for any number of situations that can and do occur, i...
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