Planning for College

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As I was approaching my senior year of high school, deciding what i wanted to do with my life was becoming increasingly complicated. I talked with my parents and counselors from my school but neither seemed to think I was college material. i knew the ability was in me and I was to prove them wrong.
One night I over heard my parents talking about the family finances. After hearing that conversation I knew the issue of me going to college was not whether I was college material it was a money issue. The economy was not very strong and both of my parents worked hard just to make ends meet. I knew I could not put the financial burden on my parents to put me through college. How was I hoing to come up with enough money for four years of college?
I took college preparatory courses during my first three years of high school. My grades were not bad, but far from being good enough to receive an academic scholarship. I knew what I had to do. I had to work hard at one of the sports I played and try to receive an athletic scholarship.
Mr.Marshall our athletic director and baseball coach hellped another student receive a scholarship to St. Mary's University the year before. That student had less ability then me and his grades were nothing to speak about.
I could not wait for the season to begin. I wanted to show all the coaches from the local colleges what I had to offer them. Every morning I would get up early and run a mile or two. Workout with weights during my lunch and throw balls into an old tire I had set up in the backyard until late into the night.
The baseball season was finally here. I was completely prepared and I had a purpose. A reason to play beyond the ability a normal seventeen year old could. No one byt myself knew what my intentions were. Every pitch that was released out of my hand was the result of hard work during the off-season. My arm had given me a 7-1 season, a conference championship and a selection to the All Northern California high school team. I was the team's Most Valuable Player.
Everything that I set out to do athletically was accomplished. But there was one thing holding me back form my goal.
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