Planning Meetings and Conferences

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The knowledge me learn from this chapter will propel us into the work force. The information obtain will enlighten and project are skills in planning meetings and conferences in our work place. The ideas and topic prevent to us in this chapter teaches us how to demonstrate these finessed skill in our future employment. We will examine and elaborate on several fundamental concepts need to accomplish the task of arranging business conferences and meetings. The Essential ideas being discussed will be “procedure for prepare for a business meeting; checklist of activities to be completed before, after and during, classify the structures and procedures used; determine the most common forms of electronic meetings; review ethics related to meetings; and identify that additional responsibilities required to plan and international meeting.”(461)
Key Points:
As the office professional in charge of arranging a meeting, you are obligated to know how formal of a meeting is being asked to be organized. Then you must determine the location, date, time, announcement, and whose attending. Next you must decide which form of communication will be desire to coordinate the meeting. An extremely effective way to schedule a meeting is use the computer. The computer “keeps the managers in your organization calendars; all scheduled time and free time can be accessed; the use of e-mail; and can schedule the conference room as well.”(463) The second option is the “telephone to schedule a meeting, but plan ahead this method can be a time consuming task. The method requires speaking with each participant individual and coordinating around each one of their availability.”(465) The third is use “a schedule form to schedule a meeting. The schedul...

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...and conferences for your company. Each companies with have different operation procedure for scheduling a meeting. You just have to make sure you are familiar with you supervisor’s preferences. “Know how to develop procedures for a business meeting; have a checklist designated for each part of the meeting actives, make sure they fall into the before, during, and after concurrences; classify the structure and procedures used in team meetings; have knowledge of what electronic meeting are and what types are available with your company; also make sure the meeting stay ethical and does not stray to offend a particle individual; and determine all responsibilities required to plan an international meeting.”(493)

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