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U.S. Census Data for St. Joseph’s County in Michigan The population estimation for 2013 was 9,895,622. The racial breakdown is as follows; whites are 80.1%, Black and African America alone are at 14.3%, American Indian and Alaskan Native alone are at 0.7%, Asians 2.6%, Native Hawaiian and Island Pacific’s are 0%, two or more races are 2.2%, Latinos and Hispanics are 4.6% and white alone and not Latino or Hispanic are at 76.2%. The senior citizen rates are at 14.6%. The census does not show how many individuals are disabled. The census states that 5.8% of the population is children under 5 years old and 22.9% are under 18. Bullying as a Health Concern Not many people would think that bullying can be considered a serious health concern, but it is and it is an ongoing problem. 2010 statistics show that 2.7 million kids get bullied yearly and 2.1 percent become bullies. Statistics also show that 1 in 7 have either been a bully or was bullied from grades K-12. “In fact, revenge for bullying is one of the strongest motivations for school shootings, according to recent bullying statistics” (Bullying Statistics 2010, 2013). Approximately 282,000 students get attacked in school nationwide on a monthly basis. “The clinic for Health Problems Related to Bullying provides treatment for children and teenagers with difficulties that often lead to bullying as well as victims who experience physical and emotional symptoms or related educational problems, including increased absenteeism and poor grades” ( Children’s National health system, 2014). Children who are bullied face many health problems such as: anxiety; depression; headaches; sleeping difficulties; suicide and many others. Forms of bullying can be physical aggression, verbal and ... ... middle of paper ... ...iabetes-in-children/basics/definition/con-20030124 Medline Plus. (2014, February 24). Diabetes Type 2. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from (n.d.). Prevent Bullying. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from stop (n.d.). How to Talk About Bullying. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from WebMD. (n.d.). Type 2 diabetes in children. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from WebMD. (n.d.). Type 2 Diabetes Overview. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from U.S Census Bureau. (n.d.). Michigan Quick Facts from the US Census Bureau. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from
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