Planet Of The Apes Analysis

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The 2001 film, Planet of the Apes represents a dystopian world. A dystopian world describes an imaginary society that is as dehumanising and as unpleasant as possible. In the film Planet of the Apes, the world is ruled by humanoid apes who can speak the human language and who treat human beings as their slaves. The world has been represented so that the roles of humans and apes have been reversed in the film, the apes have taken over the superior role in the world whereas the humans have been downgraded to the, as referred to, as the 'dirty animals '. This juxtaposition is thought provoking; it makes us think about how we treat animals and those we see as lesser human in our world and
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The film maker employs symbolic conventions to create a world where roles are reversed - apes take on human roles and humans are 'dirty ' animals. The film Planet of the Apes is a very good example of anthropomorphism. In the film the apes act and behave as if they are human beings. Many processes were taken to ensure the realism of the apes, computer generated imagery was used to create very human like facial expressions on the apes as well as the actors who played the apes had to spend months living with and observing the way the apes acted and interacted with each other, and further more the apes were dressed to show their higher place in society where as the humans were dressed in ripped and dirty rags symbolising their lower place in society. The male apes ares well groomed and well dressed and the females apes are well kept with hair and makeup done perfectly. Viewers recognise how the society works by applying real world understanding to the world of the apes and applying stereotypes. For example, we recognise the spoilt young wife of the rich old ape, the indulged daughter of the senator being able to get away with things others wouldn 't be, the selfish, cowardly, ridiculed, weak slave trader, the 'dirty ' slaves, less than human - or in this case, apes. 'Monkeys are very low in the caste system, just above humans. ' It 's very like an ancient human society, like the Ancient Romans; religious traditions and religious…show more content…
If you compare Planet of the Apes 2001with more recent sci-fi films, there are many differences. These days to watch Planet of the Apes, the secondary roles women play is not really acceptable as nowadays women are a great part of sci-fi audience as opposed to earlier times when sci-fi was made by males largely for a male audience. This reflects the changes in society where many jobs once dominated by men are now held by women also, especially in the field of science. Women do not want to see other women objectified and marginalised. Women want to see heroic female roles.

The advancement of technology also accounts for responses to sci-fi changing. Sci-fi stories have always needed a scientific premise. Very early sci-fi films did not look realistic and were often not taken seriously. These days, the film technology we have is amazing - just look at how realistic the apes were in Planet of the Apes! Added to that, the progress that mankind has made in the past few decades is incredible, so much so that a sci-fi films can present its audience with a fantastic idea such as time travel and make it appear possible. This the audience takes seriously. sci-fi is no longer just a fun