Plagiarism and the Internet

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Plagiarism and the Internet Plagiarism is a major problem in colleges around the world. In a study by the Psychological Record, it was found that at least thirty six percent of undergraduates have confessed to plagiarism (Statistics, 1). Plagiarism is the unethical act of stealing ideas, thoughts, and feelings from others without giving the author proper credit. Today, it has become such a serious issue that there are resources available for teachers to identify plagiarism and the penalties are numerous. Plagiarism is often known as ¡theft¡ or ¡fraud¡ (Plagiarism, 1). It is classified as theft because it is the act of stealing one¦Ðs ideas. It is fraud because it is the act of taking someone else opinions and trying to pass them as your own. These acts are both against governmental policies and are morally unethical. It is against the law to steal anything whether it be clothing items, money, jewelry, or ideas. Such a crime results in a fine or sometimes even imprisonment. With the easy accessibility of the internet, it is easy for students to find an article on any subject, press the right button on their mouse, select copy, then paste, and have their paper done in a matter of seconds. But what would one gain from this? No effort or thought was put into the paper. Nothing was learned or gained from the experience. If we spend our lives cheating and stealing, we will never learn anything or have the opportunity to think for ourse...

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