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Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and turning it in as if it was your own. This could be taking information from an online article, a TV show, a song, a book, or even something as simple as taking credit for someone’s idea. You must cite your sources internally to avoid plagiarizing a paper (lib). Moreover, ethics are rules of behavior set forth by what we think is right and wrong (Webster). Ethics are usually formed during childhood when a kid is learning to determine the difference between right and wrong. However, everyone comes from a different background, so often the moral “rights and wrongs” people have cause heated arguments. Having said this, ethics are not laws. Often an action is legal but unethical, or illegal but ethical (niehs).
Most colleges take plagiarism extremely seriously. If a kid is caught in the act of plagiarism, he or she may not even be allowed to enroll in college, however, this usually only happens in Ivy League schools. Along with that, the child’s grade will most certainly reflect the fact that they plagiarized. Universities have an ethics committee the handles cases of plagiarism within the confines of the university. Often times a student is suspended after his or her first offense, and expelled after a follow up charge.
The repercussions of plagiarism in the academic or scientific field are almost impossible to recover from. A person’s credibility would be destroyed. A lot of the time, after being caught, the individual’s rights to publish their work is revoked, leaving them with no way to share their work (Ithenticate). Also, when applying for a government grant for research, many researchers have been turned down due to past accounts of plagiarism (globalpost).
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...answer is yes, taking someone else’s work without giving them credit is wrong. You are, in a sense, robbing the person of his or her hard work. Still, people plagiarize every single day all over the world. In my opinion most of the time the person is just too lazy to do the assignment or even forgot about it until last minute, and then simply copy and paste something onto a paper and turn it in. I don’t think there are many cases where someone truly means to take someone else’s work and use it as their own to get ahead or take credit.
Ethics is a difficult topic to discuss, because everyone sees it differently. Everyone has their own set of ethics. Plagiarism on the other hand is pretty set in stone. Plagiarism is plagiarism any way you look at it. It has serious consequences sometimes and shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially by professionals or college students.
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