Placing Virtualization in Companies

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The need to improve procedures and increase productivity is the driving force behind business. When a company wants or needs to make these changes to stay alive in a competitive economy they often look towards virtualization. This however is not an “easy” button and while the benefits usually outweigh the cost, there are drawbacks to this technology. It is the CIO’s and CEO’s responsibility to understand what product to use and when and how to use it What is Virtualization? Virtualization is a software utilized by multiple industries to improve production and efficiency of their business. A recent survey suggests that of businesses operating in the United States 69% of them have in the past or are currently using some application of virtualization. Controlling well over half of our nations businesses Virtualization plays a crucial role in the future sustainability of our country. Why is virtualization important? Virtualization represents the very core of business and society today. We live in a digital age, we shop, socialize, bank, and do business all via the internet. Virtualization is a crucial tool implemented by business to safeguard their data from threats, and data losses. Virtualization ensures the businesses ability to use any and all operating systems to continue daily business operations. The world corporate structure continues to evolve, and new threats to data, and personal information, virtualization will be ready to protect data critical to their business. Virtualization is difficult to define, as it is ever changing to adapt to new threats and business demands. There are a several different types of virtualization, and there is a generic definition that includes all they as a generic software. The basic def... ... middle of paper ... ...ficiently. The person or persons, in charge need to understand the importance and the problems that may arise while using and implementing virtualization. They need to be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their employees, and know the abilities of their employees to operate the system they plan to implement. In conclusion, virtualization is an extremely important factor in business today. Without this piece of the technology processes would not flow as easily as they do. Energy would not be saved, and instead it would wasted while servers operating below capacity struggle to keep up with the demands of the networks they support. While most experts would agree that this technology is extremely mature, is doesn’t reduce the need or benefit that it produces. Having the right technology, and the people to use it, can easy make or break a company.

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