Places of Interest in Durham

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Places of Interest in Durham

In the north East of England lays the city of Durham, in old English the word Durham comes from dun and in which the name translates into hill. In Old Norse language Durham means holme or roughly translated to island. It is believed that Durham has traces back to 2,000 Before Christ of some settlement and actual city traces to after death of the year of 995. Below you will learn about some excellent places to picnic and visit in Durham England.

1. Durham Cathedral

Around the year of 995 the Lindisfarne monks founded the Durham Cathedral after they had fled their homes when the Danish Vikings came raiding their homelands. The original building on the site had been torn down and the present one today was built in the year of 1093. Over the years Galilee Chapel, Western Towers, Chapel of the Nine Alters and then the central tower was rebuilt in 1465 and lasted until 1490. In the year of 1104 St. Cuthbert had passed away and found to be in great condition as they had believed he was embalmed.

Durham Cathedral is a wonderful place to visit inside of England, because it provides a wonderful view to the eye, has a ton of history dating back a good far amount of years. The Cathedral has many things to see available for the public to view including the monk’s dormitory, here they slept and today it does house part of the Cathedral’s library. Three libraries are throughout the Cathedral, the most visited library is the medieval monastic one. 17th and 18th century music can also be found in the monastic library of the cathedral, thus making it an interesting piece of history to be viewed.

The Tower within the Cathedral has 325 steps that lead upwards to the very top, providing an excellent view of the surro...

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... children and adults. This involve riding digger sandpit, pedal power tractors, computer digger games and indoor ball pit.

Diggerland in Durham provides on site restaurant. The Dig Inn offers fabulous Goodie Store, indoor play area, picnic areas and the Diggers Den. This restaurant is wheel-chair accessible along with free parking for coaches and cars. This area has toilet facilities and has excellent connections local public transport. You will get wide opportunities to take photos. You will also get a chance to learn about the workings of the machines from well-trained instructors continuously. Day out in Diggerland makes an immense difference. Families not only learn how these diggers work but also learn to drive them. Diggerland confirms a fun packed, sensational, action filled day out for all persons. This is one of the greatest attraction is Durham city.
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