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・The level of rivalry among organizations in an industry – There are many competitors in the pizza’s fast food industry. For example, Domino’s Pizza Inc., Yum Brands Inc.’s, Papa John’s International Inc., and Pizza Hut. In the gourmet pizza industry, there are famous companies such as Mod Pizza LLC, Pieology Pizzeria, and PizzaRev. These companies are strong competitors.
・The potential for entry into an industry – Domino’s and Pizza Hut are very famous in the U.S., and they have strong brand loyalty. Sbarro also has strong brand loyalty, because the company has operated for 59 years. There are high brand loyalties in the pizza’s fast food industry, so the barrier is high.
・The power of large suppliers – Domino’s Pizza Inc., Papa John’s
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Pizza will be kept threatening. When I focus on delivering service, furthermore, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, and Fast food could threat pizza’ industry.

The biggest threat to profitability is “The level of rivalry among organizations in an industry”, because there are many competing companies. It might depend on the areas, but some of them are very famous in the U.S. I often see Domino’ s and Pizza Hut and they are also famous in Japan. The Sbarro was not popular by last year and experienced bankruptcy two times. It will be difficult for the Sbarro to win other popular companies.

There are many Sbarro not only in the U.S. but also in other countries.
The company focus on high-quality ingredients and freshness.
New model design such as sleek designs, better lightning, and simplified menu
History of 59 years
The company experienced the bankruptcy two times, so this means the company is not very popular in the U.S.
Restricting because of financial problem.
Online and mobile
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The first goal is to improve 10% of income. The strategy is connected to a single industry. Sbarro has been lasted for about 60 years. The company had better focus on one industry. Even though it experienced bankruptcy two times, it has a lot of information. First of all, keeping operating the company for a long period is important. I don’t know how the company failed two times, but it is possible to learn from feedback. We lean them and try to prevent or cause minimize bankruptcy. I describe other strategies and those also would be related to the strategy for concentration on a single industry and increasing income. The second goal is increasing the number of customers. The biggest problem is the company don’t develop online and mobile ordering, so the second strategy is Differentiation. We develop online and mobile ordering. This might not be differentiation, because some company have already used. By using them, however, we can prepare the food in advance and increase effectiveness. Also, customers don’t have to wait so much, so many customers come to the store. The third goal is to introduce a system of picking up the toppings. When I went to the pizza store in the U.S., I could choose sources and toppings. I was really impressed, because I can eat only what I like. The strategy is also Differentiation. We prepare many ingredients and seasonal ingredients. Each ingredient has the

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