Pittsburgh and Tenochtitlan: Similar Cities

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There are many parallels and contrasts that can be drawn between daily life in Tenochtitlan and daily life in Pittsburgh for individuals on the highest end of the socioeconomic scale. Analysis of these thematic elements may help archeologist to better understand societal life and also to predict cultural trends in the future. Two main categories make up daily life in general are individual purchasing power and quality of life. These categories will be explored and expanded upon. The social structure of the United States is a more vaguely defined concept compared to the well defined social strata of the Aztecs. For the most part this can be attributed to the extremely high standard of living of the United States as a whole relative to the average standard of living of contemporary nations. Ergo there is lower economic margin available for dramatic fiscal dynamics in the US. That being said there is still significant difference in US socioeconomic groups that can be successfully contrasted to the Aztec Economic hierarchy. Pittsburgh is a city of roughly 300,000 inhabitants (U.S. Go...

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