Pit bull Agression

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Bosier brought back Jennyfer Keohane’s family back together. Jennyfer lived in Texas with her two sons, Isaiah and Charles. They were diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, “which means they’re functioning but they have several issues with social behaviors” (Keohane). As her children became older, they were in a lot of stress at school, which caused them to mentally shut down and shun the world. This caused Jennyfer to give up her life and help her sons. A year later, she volunteered to take a pit bull under her foster care. Under any other circumstances, she would have been fearful to interact with a pit bull, but with this one, she just saw an animal that wanted to love. At first her sons completely ignored the dog. After a couple of weeks, they were hugging, loving, and playing with the pitbull. She asked her sons why they care about the dog at all. Her older son responded, “[he] knows what it’s like to be looked at as weird or different. People treat us badly and he knows how it feels”. That dogs name was Bosier. Jennyfer continued to foster pit bulls and her sons took care of every single one. As hard as it is to believe, pit bulls are not always naturally more vicious than other dogs. (ONE MORE CITATION) Before the 17th century, these small groups of people were entertained by rats killing each other in what was known as the ‘rat pit’. When they were no longer amused with those cruel shows, they started placing larger animals in the pits. Finally, they found the perfect animal. These beasts were lethal killers. They make great human companions but become vicious in the right environment. These animals were called dogs. The loving pet everyone knew and loved turned into a killing machine. Although they were great for games, t... ... middle of paper ... ...hese dogs are too dangerous to be owned. So how would someone choose the right pit bull for them? Pit bulls are great pets that can play many roles in a home: nanny, playmate, guard dog, best friend, etc. On the other hand, one should not assume that all pit bulls fit every character. For example, a pit bull puppy is not a good suit for a family with young children. Humane America Animal Foundation state that if there are children in the household, a puppy would not be the best choice; “they have very limited control over their biting/mouthing impulses”. Overall, there are many factors involved when searching for the right dog. Such as if one were in the position to buy a puppy they should do more research than if they were getting another breed. Especially pit bulls, puppies may be tricky for the fact that it depends on the breeder on what kind of dog they are.

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