Piscine Patel: The Journey Of Pi, A Hero's Journey

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Piscine Patel was born and raised in an Indian town, this is where he began his own hero’s journey. Pi’s journey started out in his own ordinary world where he studied zoology and religion studies at the University of Toronto. Pi then went on to St. Michael’s College and graduated at the top of his class with awards from the Zoology Department (Martel 6). Pi was also very interested in his father’s zoo animals (Riley). In the ordinary world, Pi came across many circumstances that would later trouble him. While in India he began to practice four different religions. Pi spent a great deal of time in prayer and in the temples. Once all the priests found out about his multiple religious practices he was told not to take part in all religions and that he had to make a choice between them (Martel 85). Pi chose to still take part in all practices, but he tended to stay in the back of the temples. One day Pi’s father announced that they were moving to Canada, this is when Pi heard the call to adventure. He…show more content…
These One of these problems is a lightning storm occurs during the night, the waves throw Richard Parker and Pi around the boat. Pi also witnessed a lightning strike near the boat. The storm resulted in the loss of food and Pi received many wounds that caused him severe pain. Another one of these problem Pi came across was when Pi need to find food because he was turning into a state of starvation and he also had to feed Richard Parker to keep control of him. One day a school of flying fish jump out of the water, many then fell into the boat. Pi realized that if he wanted to survive, he knew that he had to kill the fish. This was a major problem for Pi because he had been a vegetarian before that sinking of the ship. Now he was taking a step in a different direction and consequently he had to kill this fish if he wanted to survive. Furthermore, Pi to test his

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