Piracy In Somalia Essay

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Johnnie Webb
Mrs. Karhliker
World Literature
13 March 2014
Somalia Piracy
Over the course of history Piracy in Somalia has been becoming more and more of a problem. The pirates have been ransacking, looting, and destroying ships now for awhile and nothing major has really been done to try and prevent it. With them hijacking these ships they torture their captives by beating them and even in some extreme cases kill them. Many people do consider the pirates an extremist group who are terrorists and should be taken as an extreme threat. The Marauders violate human rights and need to be checked and stopped before these beatings and killings continue just for ransom money. Somalia pirates hold people against their will and thus violate their victims and captives human rights.
Piracy in Somalia started because the Somalian government was allowing foreign fishermen to come in and fish from their waters. Once the Somalian civil war broke out the government disbanded, the Somalian Navy disbanded along with it. Since this happened the foreign fisherman started fishing illegally in the waters surrounding Somalia. The companies that sent the fisherman out decided to start dumping waste into the waters which killed the fishing business for the locals of Somalia. These local fisherman decided to band together to try to defend their resources from these big companies. When they did this they started to hijack the ships and hold the people on board of the ships as hostages. They then would demand ransom money from the companies in order to get their crew back. Most of the first targets for the pirates were commercial lobster-fishing vessels. The reasoning behind this was that they were small and easy to take over, this was necessary for the pir...

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...d for the strong political system is that pirates currently use bribes and physical threats to tilt the balance of power between politicians and gain long term access to the coasts(Ending Piracy np). The pirates also use up to 86% of their money on political operations, “The international community has mostly focused on offshore measures to fight piracy. These offshore measures have helped reduce the number of hijacks, but ending piracy would call for those costly measures to be expanded and made permanent” (Ending Piracy).
Around the world now Somalian Piracy has become more of a problem every year. The human rights violations that the pirates make are blatant and harsh. Somalia pirates hold people against their will and thus violate their victims and captives human rights. The pirates need to be stopped before these attacks against humans continue and get worse.

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