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Piracy was a large issue back in the 1500’s and it still is a huge issue today. Every day there are ships and vessels getting hijacked on the coast of Somalia and other African countries. The movie Captain Phillips directed by Paul Greengrass gave an in-depth look of what is going on in those areas and shows how much pirates have evolved over the years. While there are many popular myths and legends in the world of piracy, there is a real factual history of this naval culture. Looking at their history, tactics, famous figures, and the development into the modern age, we can have a better understanding of the real world of pirates.
Captain Phillips is a movie based on the 2009 hijacking of Captain Phillip’s ship, the Maersk Alabama, off the coast of Somalia. The movie starts out showing the pirates first failed attempt of trying to get aboard the ship, but it was to no avail. The second attempt was successful though, reaching the ship and taking Phillips and three other crew members hostage. With the four armed pirates on board and the rest of the crew hidden below deck, Phillips leads the pirates in a game of cat and mouse around the ship. With one of the pirates getting captured by a small group of crew members, the crew agrees not the hurt him as long as they leave the ship. The deal does not go as planned though, and Captain Phillips ends up on a lifeboat with all four pirates by himself forcing him to leave his fate in the Navy’s hands. Contrary to popular belief, pirates are not the rum drinking hooligans they are portrayed to be. They are a murderous and wealth seeking organization who will stop at nothing to get their ransom.
One may ask themselves, “What drives pirates today to do what they do?”, and there is a simple ...

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...s of battle drastically at that time. Instead of the conventional hand to hand combat, this weapon allowed fighting enemies at far ranges from the safety of your ship. Cannons also help pirates deal damage to one another’s vessels. These cannonballs could sink ships in just one hit if it was hit in the right spot of the hull. Cannonballs were capable of tearing apart ships whole masts and completely rendering the ship unable to move or escape. These weapons of destruction weren’t just made for destroying ships though. These cannonballs also were used to assault forts and bases from the sea where they could only be reached by returning cannonball fire. This attack method prevented having sailors from having to lose their lives fighting on the ground where they could be on the ship staying alive.
Weapons have drastically changed over the hundreds of years of piracy.
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