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As long as people were able to sail the high seas, they plundered villages for wares, murdered scores of people, and alluded persecution from countless empires. Piracy loomed in Ancient Greece during the reign of the Roman Empire, throughout Medieval Europe, and even in the Far East during the Qing Dynasty of China. Piracy has been seen as the life blood to some nations, and has been cursed as a plague to others.
The concept of piracy dates back to ancient times. Initially small water ways were used for fast travel and trade, enabling an empire to trade and further expand its boundaries to new territories. As time progressed and scientific discoveries grew, naval advancements emerged and facilitated a new way to explore, travel, and discover. As ships became more regularly used, people of the world no longer were confined to land, they were able to move freely to areas that were once unobtainable. Advancements in diplomacy and trade grew extensively, but counter ideals involving raiding, murdering, and theft soon melded the navel techniques and branded a new idea which involved malevolent activity upon the water.
What information is known about pirates is relatively limited. There is not a great deal of firsthand accounts by pirates due to various reasons. Time spent accounting for actions was deemed wasteful and could be allotted to other tasks. Rampant illiteracy was also a major factor that hindered most vessels from accurately accounting for their ship. The act of piracy was also illegal, which deterred literate pirates from documenting their acquisition of wealth. Though the information about pirates is sparse, decrees, newspaper articles, interviews, and spoken encounters represent much of what is known today....

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...building a massive new fort called the Castillo de San Marcos. This fort later protected the townspeople from the massive pirate attacks in 1683.
Though pirate activity in both the Caribbean and Florida is extensive, a vast majority of the pirate ships and their cruises are unknown. Pirates involved in activities on or off the shores of Florida are almost all forgotten in time. Florida became a shrouded location for pirates and concealed all but a few well known pirates. Pirate Captains Edward ' Blackbeard ' Teach, Black Caesar, and José Gaspar are amongst an elite few that were so notorious that their influence emanates beyond secrecy to live on in history today. Archeological discoveries are extensive and range from the southernmost time and range far north of St Augustine, but lend little more than just acknowledgement of their presence in Florida.
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