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Rule(s) of the English Language When it comes to the education of the English language, every class tends to have their different views on what is constituted as proper writing. These views, also known as prescriptive rules, create many flaws for children growing up with an education which eventually will impact the general English language. A shibboleth, known as a word or way of speaking and behaving which proves that a person belongs to a particular group, is one of Pinker’s ways of explaining how proper writing within a class is depicted (Pinker 375). In his reading The Language Mavens, Pinker states that prescriptive rules have to be enforced consistently in order to be understood, providing a brief understanding that language may be…show more content…
This contributes to Pinker’s idea that the English language is failing. First, children lack the self-esteem to write a solid paper and from there, will not ask for the help they need. Lee Warren states in his paper, “The biggest factor affecting learning for lower class students is a lack of confidence based on real or perceived weaknesses in preparation” (Warren). Simply because a child is not from the highest class and they are intertwined with these high class students they feel they cannot learn as well and that shows in their work. This should not be a factor and this is where teachers need to step in with their set fundamental rules that all children should face when writing. Teachers need to apply the fundamental rules as well as ensure every child in each class feels equal and like they are capable of being a proper writer. Pinker tries to say “[that] once introduced, a prescriptive rule is very hard to eradicate, no matter how ridiculous” (Pinker 374). This is completely false. What needs to happen is teaching authorities needs to step in and fix the problems by starting with young children and following through until they are done school following with a repetition of this for all

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