Pilgrimage In The Canterbury Tales Essay

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Of England they to Canterbury wend, The holy blessed martyr there to seek Who helped them when they lay so ill and weal… To Canterbury, full of devout homage, There came at nightfall to that hostelry, Some nine and twenty in a company, Of sundry persons who had chanced to fall, In fellowship, and pilgrims were they all, That toward Canterbury town would ride.” This is an excerpt from Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales’ prologue. The Canterbury Tales are a collection of short stories about a pilgrimage that was taken to Canterbury, England by a group of twenty-nine pilgrims. Chaucer wrote the short stories sometime at the end of the fourteenth century, but died before he could finish all of the stories. The prologue mentions that the pilgrims were going to Canterbury to see “the hold blessed martyr,” but it never mentions who it was. The martyr the pilgrims were going to see was Thomas Becket. This is the most famous account of a pilgrimage taken to see the remains of Thomas Becket, but many…show more content…
Some of Becket’s duties included being, “in charge of the chapel royal and its subsidiary, the scriptorium, or writing office, and so…responsible for the church services at court and for the secretariat and royal archives.” In addition to these ecclesiastical duties, Becket also undertook some administrative duties because Henry was constantly busy with securing the English domain militarily. Becket’s main goals as an administrator was to bring order to England. He condemned castles that were built illegally, and rebuilt defense outposts around England. Becket was also an army commander at times. He helped make military plans, and even, on occasion, fought in battles. Because of all of these things that Becket did for the King, their relationship grew and a mutual trust was established between the men. It was unclear, however, if the relationship had any real personal love between the
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