Pierre Bonnard Post Impressionism

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Pierre Bonnard Post Impressionist painter, and printmaker Pierre Bonnard was born on October 3, 1867 in Fontenay-aux-Roses- France, he is described as " the most idiosyncratic of all the great twentieth century painters" Pierre Bonnard after his death, is noted for his unique use of color and imagery; he is also noted as one of the founding members of a Post Impressionist group of avant-garde painters Les Nabis. Pierre finished his last painting " The Almond Tree in Blossom" a week before his death during his eightieth year on January 23, 1947 in Le Camet, France. Overall Pierre Bonnard can be described as an "intimist" because he was fascinated with the special moments of daily life around him. Pierre had a happy carefree childhood.…show more content…
As you can derive from this quote Pierre had a method in which he painted. He didn't paint from life. He'd either sketch his subjects, or take a photograph of them and make notes on the colors that he foresaw in the potential painting to be. Jotting down these color ideas was Bonnard's way of capturing "the spirit of the moment." In most of Bonnard's paintings you will notice a majority of the subjects are naked or immersed in, or emerging from the bath. Well lets just say there is a method, and woman behind his madness! Pierre Bonnard married his inspiration and muse Marthe de Meligny in which he later found out wasn't her actual name.. He didn't know her actual name until they were finally married in 1925. I guess he truly made an honest woman out of her. Her real name come to find out is (Maria Boursin.) Pierre painted Marthe (Maria) over 384 times in his career. The reason she is depicted naked so much in the paintings is because she had to take frequent baths as apart of her treatment for a Tubercular Condition. Note his painting 1925 Nude in Bath. He also took photographs of his spouse quite frequently for…show more content…
He was successful not only as a well respected artist; but he also illustrated books, created stage sets, made puppets, designed furniture, and painted screens! Primarily he was know for and very successful with his paintings and illustrations. I feel as though Pierre Bonnard is often overlooked in comparison to Picasso, Van Gough, or any of the other well known names. Yet I feel his art is equally as touching. Pierre Bonnard personally intrigued me as an artist, with his painting style etc. His painting Standing Nude 1920 is one of my favorites along with his other work Red Garters. His artwork speaks to

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