Picky Eaters Initiative

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Over the course of 3 weeks, an assessment was conducted in the Millwood’s community of Lee ridge; through the assessment opportunities for health promotion were identified for a prominent group within the community. This paper goes on to discuss the various components of a planned initiative for this community. Firstly various components of the assessment and planning phase are discussed such the target group of the initiative, the main goal for the initiative and the various criteria used to determine this as a community need. Following the assessment and planning, the paper addresses the primary model used during the assessment, planning and implementation phase i.e. the Ottawa charter, and the determinants of Health. Considering that this initiative was undertaken by nursing students in the community setting, the various components of the standards of practice for community health nurse in relation to this initiative are discussed as well. Conclusively the opportunities for growth for this initiative are reflected upon. This initiative primarily targets families seeking services at the Millwood’s Family Resource Centre in Lee Ridge, specifically families who have English as a second language and/or English-speaking individuals with a low literacy level. The target group for this initiative was determined through a thorough community assessment, and investigation of the resident population in the surrounding area. Demographic findings dictated that the area immediately surrounding the Millwood’s Family Resource Centre i.e. Lee Ridge, has a 55% of the population of families with children at different developmental stages (City of Edmonton, 2006). City of Edmonton (2010) also goes on to provide us with data that states 24% popula... ... middle of paper ... ...ociation of Canada. (2011). Canadian community health nursing: professional practice model & standards of practice. Retrieved from http://www.chnc.ca/documents/chnc-standards-eng-book.pdf Estacio, E., & Comings, J. (2013). Health literacy: Exploring future directions and potential contributions from health psychology. Journal Of Health Psychology, 18(8), 997-1003. doi:10.1177/1359105313476978 Public Health Agency of Canada. (2013). What makes Canadians healthy or unhealthy?. Retrieved from http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/ph-sp/determinants/determinants-eng.php#income Stonecypher, K. (2009). Creating a patient education tool. Journal Of Continuing Education In Nursing, 40(10), 462-467. doi:10.3928/00220124-20090923-06 World Health Organization. (1986) Ottawa charter for health promotion. Retrieved from http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/ph-sp/docs/charter-chartre/pdf/charter.pdf

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