Pickett's Charge

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In the American Civil War, there were many major battles that contributed to the Union army proving victorious and the Confederacy suffering defeat. One of which that could be considered the most significant was the Battle of Gettysburg. A three day scuffle that essentially led to the dismantling of the entire southern war effort, Gettysburg is highly remembered as the biggest and bloodiest battle of the war. However, the final assault by the Confederate army on the third day of warfare was detrimental to the overall outcome of the battle. This brutal strike is also a perfect testament to the Confederate soldier’s courage and passion for their respective cause and ideals. In other words, it takes sincere discipline to march across open grasslands in clear sight, and rush headlong into a heavily fortified position held by the enemy. This attack is most widely known as Pickett’s Charge, an all-out Confederate offensive resulting in immense casualties for both sides involved.
Before detailing the actual battle, it is important to understand why General Lee wanted to invade Pennsylvania in the first place. While this applies to the big picture in Gettysburg, it is still significant to help realize what went on during the fight and the events that led up to it. With all odds against them, they advanced into the heart of the Union line and fought for what they believed was right, but what was the established purpose? Firstly, winning a battle on Northern land had the possibility of granting the Southern government foreign acknowledgement, and potentially assistance in the war which would have indubitably helped their cause. Another reason concerned improving the anti-war lobbyists and coming to a negotiated settlement if a Southern ...

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