Piano Recital

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The University of South Alabama hosted a faculty recital where Robert Holm played the piano very beautifully. Mr. Holm played six different types of piece which you can read about on the program stapled to the back. Each composer was from the Classical era with the exception of Johann Bach. Each piece of music had a contrast of ranges, which created beautiful masterpieces. This recital was done extraordinarily well.
The first piece performed was French Suite No. 6 in E major by J.S. Bach. Mr. Holm’s feet I noticed, never touched the pedals, and he later told the audience that it was because it was written for the harpsichord. Also the French Suite has four dances ending with a Gigue, and is in binary form. When he began playing, the music was allegro, and very upbeat. I also felt like I could dance to it because the timbre was very lively and upbeat. Then suite switched to vivace and it lost the danceable tune, yet was still nice. Then as the new section started, I felt like it was more adagio. Throughout the piece there was a common pattern: after each slow movement there was an upbeat movement that followed.
The second piece was Rondo in D major by Wolfgang Mozart. It was in tonic and started in the key of D, went through five changes, and then ended in the key of G major. The music is almost like a child’s tune, and light. Childlike because the music had a happy lite timbre. The texture moves from vivace (not in the sense it moves fast, but it is a lively tune) to moderato momentarily and back to vivace. Also while the tempo is changing, the dynamics start to change, moving from mezzo forte to mezzo piano and back again. There was also a section where a contrast of the keys was played. The low tones at the contrasting section ...

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...jor scale. The dynamics were always changing from pianissimo to mezzo piano. The tempo changed very little from andante to moderato. Also, like all the other song there are moments of crescendos and diminuendos. In every movement, the use of all the different pitches is excellent.
This recital was the best I have been to. The use of different composers in it gave the listener the ability to hear the different style used. For example, Mozart’s piece was dramatic were as Debussy was flowing and dance like. Each piece also had excellent examples of how when the composers changed the texture and dynamics, it made the song very interesting. I was not a fan of classical music, but this solo recital helped me see the errors in my ways. Everyone should have to hear at least one classical concert in their life in order to appreciate the complex use of chords and melodies.
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