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The Life of Piano What do you really know about the piano. So you think you know the piano. But all you probably really know is that it is an instrument which is more than likely all you may ever think it is. Well I’m here to tell you that that's not all it is or all it means to people. Why is the history of the piano . How did the piano change music as it is. So let's start with the history of the piano first. So that you as the reader may find out why people care so much about the piano. So the story of the piano starts way back in 1709 in Padua, Italy. A man named Bartolomeo di Francesco owned a store. This store was filled with stringed and keyboard instruments which preceded the piano and will lead to the piano that we know today. But…show more content…
First let's start with a quote that relates a little bit to what we are saying “life is like a piano. “Life is like a piano;the white keys represent happiness and the black shows sadness but as you go through life's journey, remember that the black keys also create music” Ehssan. The feeling that you can feel from this one quote is very strong. It’s a little off topic but it reminds us that things can be compared to life and show examples of our life. Back on topic how has the piano changed how things are for us and the world. Well first let's look at this from a music perspective. It changed throughout the years of when it was made to the point that we are at right now. It changed how we play string instruments like it. It changed and made screen instruments outdated even if they are still used today. A good example of this is haprascord. But things like this have also changed how music is now. Like let's look back to what was said earlier “Then rolled around the 15th century. The thing that caught people was the harpsichord, however this was limited to one underlining think the volume and it softness and loudness could not really be varied while playing.” Now looking back at this we can see that is changed because we now have pianos which changed lives like the ones of famous musicians. Some kinds of music wouldn't be the same without the piano. Even now in days the feeling that comes to mind not having the piano is devastating. Just think about it if they would have never made the piano music itself would be different in total or close to it. The reason that this thought comes to mind is that the piano helped produce so many things later on and how music may have been played. So here is a question why do you think that this may be so important to people. If we go back and look there could be many points. But at

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