Piaget's Theory Of Development Case Study

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Development of supporting points A Psychologist’s view of this time of attitude Psychologist Jean Piaget developed and believed that all people pass through several stages of development in the exact same order. Using Piaget’s work of Cognitive Development, the steps he proposes are:  Sensori-motor ( Infancy)  Preoperational (Toddlers/Young Childhood)  Concrete Operational (Elementary/Adolescence)  Formal Operational (Adulthood) Taking these stages into perspective we can see that humans pass through these stages in their life time and some may never get to the final stage of development which is: Formal Operational. Jean Piaget believes that when learners are at the Preoperational stage they use their skill of representational symbols, less dependency on senses. They classify objects by a single feature and believe everything happens for a reason. Considering the use of representational symbols, this is indeed true because all young learners learn faster by manipulation and symbolic representation. They must be able to see and feel objects to foster their learning of a particular concept hence the reason why classroom teachers are encouraged to be innovative in the teaching approach to these …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that psychologist jean piaget developed and believed that all people pass through several stages of development in the exact same order.
  • Explains that learners' logics are faulty, but in their minds, it is reasonable. classroom teachers must find positive ways to challenge their thinking.
  • Explains that the classroom teacher is very critical in this point of the learners lives because they spend most of their time with these classroom teachers and are therefore encouraged to take advantage of this time by teaching learners the skills they need for life.
  • Explains that the classroom teacher is expected to reach or surpass the level of love and care that learners get from their parents so that they can reach them and make learning take place.
  • Opines that planning is the backbone of any successful teacher in the education system and as such it is for more effort and thought must be put into the planning of young learners.
  • Explains that classroom teachers have an important role to play in promoting and finding ways to motivate learners to excel and more so develop a love for science.
  • Recommends improving the image of science by showing how related science is to their interest rather than imagining ‘nerdy’ scientists with lab coats and a ton of books.
  • Urges students to act as a positive role model and become passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic classroom teachers of science.
  • Argues that science should be brought to life by having simple experiments and observations done and how it is connected to everyday lives.
  • Explains that young learners are fascinated by laptops, tablets, and other devices, so having science done using some if not all of these devices can spark the interests of them.
  • Explains that jean piaget believes that when learners are at the preoperational stage they use their skill of representational symbols, less dependency on senses.
  • Argues that it is not advisable for young learners to focus on more than one thing at a time because they need to have complete or very good understanding of things one step or feature.
  • Opines that classroom teachers must update parents on their learner's progress and provide evidence such as: report cards, specimen of works done in class, their improved vocabulary.

The senses in this context refer to the five senses every normal human is born with. Learners at this stage are very egocentric; they are not able to understand other person’s view because they are bent on their own views. It is not that they are selfish ( as many persons who do not understand them may feel), it is just that these learners believe that everyone shares the same point of view and most times in their minds, their point of view of things are the correct ones. Classroom teachers must therefore at all times avoid having arguments with them but rather show them other ways in which things can be viewed. That may not change their point of view but they will understand that there are more than one ways to view

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