Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory: Article Analysis

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432 words

In the Piaget’s cognitive development theory, individuals use processes throughout life that eventually assist a person in adapting to the environment (Carter, 2011). Piaget describes two forms of adaptation, which are assimilation and accommodation. In the article we see that Cruz is finding difficulty living in her new environment and is often unhappy, however that is not enough to make her leave Villa Hermosa because she is modifying her system. Adaptation refers to an individual adjusting their environmental surrounding in order to fit in and survive in certain conditions (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010). Adaptation often requires energy in the form of effort (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010). Cruz states many times her financial burdens …show more content…

When she first moved into the new place she hated it, but she found the positives in the place. In the beginning of the article the rats in a sense became a subsystem to Cruz. Although they were rats she had a relationship with them and learned how to deal with them. In her new apartment she mentions a mouse that she sees and just like the rats in her old apartment, she does not bother the mouse. She compares the company of the rats in her old environment to the little roaches she currently has now. Cruz also accommodates her environmental conditions in order to adapt. Accommodation refers to how the system modifies its structure in response to incoming information (Carter, 2011). Cruz is use to using her disability for her advantage, in Villa Hermosa people laugh and make fun of her. Because of the feedback she receives from the community, encourages her to consider the operation to fix her back. “Now that I live in a place like Villa Hermosa, I would like to have an operation to make me straight” (Lewis, 1996) Cruz is acknowledging that in order for her to be accepted she needs to fix her problem, she is accepting the fact that Villa is her new

In this essay, the author

  • Explains piaget's cognitive development theory that individuals use processes throughout life that eventually assist a person in adapting to the environment.
  • Analyzes how cruz compares la esmeralda to villa hermosa, and how she adapts to the environment.
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