Pi: The Unknown

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Pi, the most talked about yet the least known about, is the ratio of the circumference of a circle over the diameter, and is one of the most important numbers ever to be used in mathematics. The world of Pi is very interesting, detailed, and complex. There is a very large history of how pi was found and of different ways mathematicians and civilizations calculated Pi. A few of the many examples of the calculation of pi are from Archimedes, Ahmes, the Chinese, the ancient Babylonians, and also the ancient Egyptians. In today’s society there are also many real world uses of Pi.

Pi has a very rich and detailed history since it's creation long ago. It has been a well known ratio for around 4000 years. Many mathematicians have used different ways of calculating Pi but the first to make a huge breakthrough was a man by the name of Archimedes. To calculate the magical number of Pi, Archimedes used the Pythagorean Theorem to find the perimeter of two regular polygons. He used at first a Hexagon, but then thought is not a circle just a polygon with so many sides that you can’t count (He might not have actually said that). So he went on doubling the sides of these polygons (on the left), until he reached a 96-gon as we demonstrated in our model, knowing the more sides the more accurate the number. These polygons were inscribed and circumscribed around a circle as you can see in our model. He knew that he would not get the number he was looking for, but http://i0.wp.comi/techiemathteacher.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/pi3.jpg the closest he could get considering the technology back then, So to get to his approximation, he divided the polygons perimeter by the diameter, doing so for both the inscribed and the circumscribed pol...

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...ineers use the ratio of pi to calculate equations which helps them construct different components and create moving parts for machines and other equipment. Pi also plays a big role in the TV and radio world. People who work for television or radio companies use Pi to calculate lengths of signals from them to your home. This allows them to make the best signals possible for us to use for watching television and listening to radio. Another field Pi is a key role in is Astronomy. Astronomists use Pi to calculate how long orbits of different objects in space are such as the planets. They also use Pi to calculate how large heavenly bodies are. Heavenly bodies are objects that are naturally visible in the sky, so a few examples of them could be stars, the moon, and the sun. These are just a few of the many real world applications and uses of Pi in today's society.
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