Physics Investigation of Speed

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Physics Investigation of Speed In this investigation I am finding out how the height of a ramp affects the speed of a toy car. To do this, I first need to know about speed and gravity. I know the equation for speed is: Speed = Distance Time From that equation I can now work out what the speed of the toy car will be, when I know the distance the ramp is and the time it took the car to come down the ramp. Now, gravity is a bit more complicated: [IMAGE]Over three centuries ago, Isaac Newton invented a new kind of mathematics called calculus so that he could model motion in the natural world using mathematics. Calculus is about measuring change and so calculus became a vital tool in describing the motions of simple objects. [IMAGE]Newton was able to make a mathematical model that encompassed both objects falling because of gravity on Earth, and the motion of heavenly bodies in the skies. Newton decided that the force of gravity on Earth was the same force that organized the motions of the moon around the Earth and the Earth and all the planets around the sun. He invented a formalism and developed mathematical formulas for calculating the size of the gravitational force both on Earth and in outer space. This (more simply) means that there is a force in the Earth that attracts all objects to it, so that they (or we) don’t float in the air. Depending on how high an object is away from the ground, the
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